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ADCare Software helps the Directors of Adult Day Care Centers to reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks, to maximize the amount of time they spend directly providing care.

We listened to what you wanted

We talked to Adult Day Care providers of all sizes and all over the country. We understand their business (your business) and developed a tool kit that solves the biggest and most common problems they face. ADCare Software makes it easier for providers to document activities and attendance, create and update care plans and assessments, remember important dates and deadlines, and get the billing out to all your payers.

Cut your admin time in half

By automating routine tasks and reducing the amount of paper you have to handle, ADC staff can save fully 50 percent of the time they spend working ON the business – time that they can rededicate to working IN the business – the business you love.

  • Understandable dashboard with ticklers and reminders for important dates and deadlines, like TB tests, doctor’s orders renewal, care giver conferences, and more. Get reminders at regular intervals, like 90 days, 60 days and 30 days out.
  • One-click attendance taking – Quickly get all your attendance records into an electronic file for easy reporting. Or let your clients/care givers self-check in on a mobile device!
  • Log all your participant activities – Standardized input forms mean fast data entry, and easy reporting and analysis later
  • Easy billing – No more manual calculations. Your attendance and billing codes translate directly into automated billing.
  • Care Plan Library – Pick a care plan from a drop-down menu, and then adjust it to the specific needs of each participant.
  • Keep all progress notes in your participant’s electronic file for easy recall and reporting for Medicaid, care givers, etc.