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ADCare Software offers throughout the software quick online 'Help Support'. The Help offers all documents that are built into ADCare Software .
Use the help system to:

  • Find information on a specific topic or command
  • Browse help topics using the Table of Contents

For more information on ADCare Software help system. The'Help Center' acts as a starting place for any user in need of software help. It includes:

  • How Do I... topics that cover the essentials for working with ADCare Software
  • Instructions that provide an overview of topics from getting started with browser settings, data manipulation, and interactive application development

Technical Support Center

Take Support to another level!
To better serve our customers, we provide an easy way to receive answers to ADCare Software questions.

  • Find out 'What's New' with the software
  • Provide software suggestions that will help make your more efficient

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