ABOUT ADCare Software

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ADCare Software is a product of IAT Enterprise, a venerable developer of website, software and information technology systems for small business.

ADCare Software is built on a completely web-based platform, and is accessible through all of the most popular browsers, including current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

The software requires no installation, and is instantly accessible from any computer with an internet connection. It requires no on-site system administration or IT support.

All data input into ADCare Software is retrievable and reportable from any location, without searching through filing cabinets and desk drawers. And print from any screen or report to immediately generate the hard copy you need to share for care giver conferences and other necessities.

ADCare Software tracks patient medical needs, patient activities, transport schedules and reporting of care plans.

ADCare Software tracks staff and organization contact information, daily schedules and application permissions

ADCare Software allows each organization to have control over the assignment of software modules to satisfy their business needs.